Inbound Call Management Software – Putting You In Control

by Audrey Oh

Call centres handle a high number of calls every day. Implementing an effective system for tracking these calls and extracting useful data is essential for business growth and success. Inbound call management software enables a business to effectively manage communications with customers and prospects while gathering a rich set of data that can lead to increased sales and enhanced customer service. Consumers are becoming more demanding and often expect instant responses due in part to the growth of social networks. Call centres must keep pace and offer a level of service that minimises complaints and lost business while maximising sales opportunities. Inbound call management is an effective method for achieving this.

What Is Inbound Call Management Software?

An inbound call management platform will give your call centre access to useful inbound telephone number statistics it can use to route calls to the right department or individual. The software can be integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to enhance efficiency and improve the overall customer experience. Callstream offers additional CRM integration features, for example, PCI, Dialler and SMS functionality. With CRM integration, sales and customer service agents have immediate access to all data held on the system for a particular contact, enabling them to respond promptly and appropriately.                                                                                                     

Inbound Call Management Benefits

  • Real-time data enables effective management of capacity and staffing levels to cater for peaks and troughs. Customers receive a consistent level of service at all times and no sales opportunities are missed, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  • Having a single view of exactly what is happening in real-time allows you to make instant changes to call routing plans as necessary. This flexibility ensures you avoid abandoned or lost calls.
  • Sales agents who have immediate access to full customer records are better placed to make a sale, upsell, cross-sell or encourage an individual to renew their subscription. Effective inbound call management leads to increased sales — which boosts staff morale and business revenue.
  • Monitoring calls supports an effective performance management process. Management can identify staff who are underperforming and offered extra support. Likewise, individuals who are excelling can be recognised and rewarded to incentivise future performance.
  • An inbound call management service allows call centres to continually review and revise call routing, ensuring customers do not experience long waits or engaged tones. Customers who have a positive call experience are much more likely to remain loyal to a company and provide repeat business.
  • Inbound call management software gives a business the capacity to implement a business continuity plan for any eventuality, giving you peace of mind and ensuring consistent service.
  • Managers spend less time overseeing call handling, enabling them to focus on other important tasks. Callstream’s Nucleus call management platform is accessed via our online portal, allowing quick and easy control of call centre activities. Nucleus combines the smartest telecoms technology with our unrivalled contact centre expertise to provide you with a first-class call handling solution.

Why Does my Business Need Inbound Call Management Software?

An effective inbound call management solution will enable your call centre to achieve more, make intelligent decisions and run more efficiently. With Callstream’s Nucleus, everything will be managed via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, putting you in complete control. From making the most effective use of your employees to managing peaks and troughs — there are lots of different functions you can use to ensure your call centre is operating at the optimal level.

Some standout features of Nucleus include:

  • Call recording
  • Virtual receptionist (IVR)
  • Geo-plans
  • Data capture
  • Network queuing
  • CRM integration

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. There is nothing more frustrating than calling a customer service line and hearing an engaged tone, having to wait for a long time before being connected to an agent — or being passed from department to department before reaching the correct person. When you take this into account, it is not hard to see why inbound data management software is a necessity for any data centre, no matter how big or small.

Arrange a demo of Callstream’s Nucleus inbound call management software today. Nucleus combines the smartest telecoms technology with our long-standing unrivalled contact centre expertise.

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