SMS Marketing

Enhance customer service with an SMS marketing and mobile engagement solution

The widespread adoption of Smartphones in recent years has allowed improved customer communications using SMS messaging. As businesses adapt to this evolving technology, SMS is increasingly being used by businesses within contact centre operations as part of their customer service and engagement strategies.

Callstream SMS Gateway provides both outbound and inbound text message applications, which can be used individually or together to achieve a single-or two-way communication feed. SMS Send allows complete control over the delivery of text messages to your database of users, while SMS Marketing creates unique campaigns using keywords to receive messages to either a Short Code or Virtual Mobile Phone Number.


  • Reduce congestion and waiting times
  • Deliver superior service
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Meet changing customer habits

How does it work?

With SMS Send you can schedule and broadcast customised messages to groups or individual recipients. Message templates can be created for regular communications and mail merge functionality allows personalisation. Blacklists can also be set up for numbers that have requested not to receive further messages, so any subsequent broadcasts are then purged against this list.

Unique keyword campaigns can be created in a matter of minutes using SMS Marketing across a range of number schemes. Automated reply messages can be set up for single-or multi-content responses giving the sender an immediate confirmation of receipt. As each text message is received, an email can be sent to a designated address and the originating mobile number can automatically be assigned to a pre-defined group in your SMS Broadcasting account.

SMS Gateway is managed using an online portal with a full reporting suite to monitor and review performance. Alternatively, simple API functionality can integrate both SMS Send and SMS Marketing applications with your own or third-party back office CRM systems.


  • Outbound and inbound text message applications
  • Create unique and customised SMS activity
  • Fully-controllable online portal for SMS Gateway
  • Online access to broadcast software online anywhere in the world
  • Suite of SMS reports that can be scheduled or create manually
  • Simple API functionality for integration with back office CRM systems
  • Cloud-based architecture benefits from inclusive upgrades and developments

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