Call Recording

Quickly capture, arrange and playback voice calls for increased understanding of customer interactions

Call recording captures and stores inbound and outbound calls for training and monitoring purposes. Having immediate access to the content of all phone conversations that take place can help improve commercial or customer service performance, as well as provide valuable insight to support employee evaluation and development.

Callstream’s Nucleus Call Recording is a highly-resilient, cloud-based solution that automatically records exactly what has been said and by whom, so you can instantly replay a call via a secure online portal. It is available in two versions – standard and PCI compliant – depending on whether credit card transactions are taken over the phone.


  • Boost sales performance
  • Improve customer experience
  • Respond to complaints and queries
  • Enhance staff evaluation, training and development

How does it work?

As a cloud-based call recording application, no on-site hardware is necessary, with everything managed and controlled using an online portal. A simple search function means recordings can be identified by the number called, date and time of the call, destination end point and even by the comments and rating features. All content can be played online or downloaded for local storage of the sound file.

Our call recording provides a rolling 365-day storage solution as standard and extended periods are available on request. Meanwhile, the security settings enable individual user profiles to be created and administered to manage access to the application with protected login credentials.



  • Call playback using online portal
  • Simple search parameters
  • Comment notation and rating facility
  • Download sound files to a PC
  • 365-day storage as standard or extended periods on request
  • Optional Pause and resume functionality
  • User access security

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