Hosted Contact Centre

Track, record and analyse performance to get the most out of your contact centre staff

Callstream TRAC processes all your inbound calls to provide real-time visibility and control of your contact centre operations. This allows you to manage your staff – typically the largest cost in any contact centre – in the most effective way to better support your business and customers.

Callstream TRAC is a highly-configurable, hosted contact centre solution with enterprise-level management and reporting features. Therefore, you can achieve outstanding performance, with no hardware costs and all the flexibility, scalability and resilience of the cloud. It is suitable for contact centres of all sizes, as well as businesses undergoing rapid growth or with changing infrastructures.

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  • Achieve real-time visibility and control
  • Use a single application for multiple sites
  • Gain agent level performance reporting
  • Improve customer experience

We chose Callstream because of its extensive experience in the insurance sector. Moreover, its Hosted Contact Centre will allow us to immediately enhance customer service by reducing call times and improving the customer waiting process.

Sky Insurance

How does it work?

Callstream TRAC is set-up to determine which agent is best-placed to answer an inbound call. A wide range of parameters – including call routing, call priorities and agent skills sets – can be quickly and simply configured through the online portal. Performance is then monitored through the bespoke reporting suite, while wallboards can be set-up based on your individual requirements.

Callstream TRAC offers a complete range of historical and near real-time reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled. Information can be presented graphically for quick and easy viewing, or in detail with full drill down to agent level. You can monitor call volumes, queue stats, call abandonment and first-time resolution rates, as well as agent and agent group performance. A full audit trail is also provided across agents, queues and routing.


  • Real-time management information
  • Configurable online portal
  • Single application for multiple, international contact centres
  • Flexibility to manage peak call volumes across locations
  • Skills-based call routing
  • Built-in support for business continuity

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