Dialler – How Outbound Diallers Boost Your Business

Have you ever considered implementing a hosted outbound dialler for your business? A key factor for any business is to maximise the work flow of your employees, if they are not working to the best of their abilities then this will have negative consequences.

In an environment where inbound and outbound calling are the main objective of your staff, there can be harmful factors at play such as cherry picking and procrastination. The best way to combat this is through the automation of calling, and with Callstream’s dialler technology you can maximise the work done by your staff, which in turn will maximise the profit to the business.


Dialler – Connecting Your Leads

An outbound dialler will automatically make calls and assign them to an available agent prior to calling the customer, preventing any silence when the call connects. The agent is also provided with the customers information, which may be necessary on the call.

Call Centre Dialler

Converting Sales Using A Dialler

With Callstream Midas technology, your business can ensure that your sales team are reaching the customers with the most potential, every time. Midas has the feature to score calls, so that a lead with a higher rating for conversion will be pushed to the front and contacted first. This can ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition; a key factor that separates Callstream apart from the rest in winning you business.

Dialler Database Integration

Midas will also integrate with your businesses CRM/SQL database, allowing the agent to see important details about the lead/customers. These details include phone number, location and source of the lead. Once the call has completed, the agent will then have the opportunity to add new information to the lead along with the option to create tasks such as call back which will be logged with the system and will call back automatically at the time set.

Our clients have seen the benefits of using a dialler as their agents maintain a persistent workflow, which in turn allows them to proactively manage their teams’ pace when making calls. If you and your business are considering implementing a dialler or wish to learn more about the benefits that Callstream’s technology will bring to your business, why not contact Callstream to arrange a demo https://callstream.com/request-a-demo.

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