CRM Telephony Integration – Getting It Right With Callstream

Customer relationship management – or CRM – software has enabled businesses to become more efficient as well as improving the overall customer experience. CRM Telephony Integration is the product of some brilliant digital innovation that moves the world of telephony and call centres forward into a more productive space.

How CRM Telephony Integration Works

Imagine, for example, you are a customer contacting your insurance company. You are busy and perhaps trying to make the call during your lunch break or your precious leisure time. You expect your query to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and that the call centre assistant will have all your information to hand.

Previously you would need to give a reference number or account number as well as a whole host of personal details before explaining your current situation and any previous interactions with the company. With an integrated phone and CRM system, this information is automatically located and available to the agent who is taking the call.

The customer no longer needs to explain previous interactions as the information can be viewed by the agent at the touch of a button. This, in turn, enables the agent to address the customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. The agent will be able to make notes directly to the CRM system which can then be viewed in any subsequent phone calls.

The outcome of this is a happier and more satisfied customer and a quicker turnaround time for query handling. This is ideal in a busy environment where the phone is ringing incessantly. An integrated CRM system makes this a problem of the past.

CRM Telephony Integration

How Callstream Can Help With CRM Telephony Integration

Callstream can offer you a hosted telephony solution which integrates with your CRM using a unified communications system. This provides a simple to use and great value for money product that will enable your organisation to manage your telephony and CRM integration with ease. Our hosted telephony systems do not require any expensive hardware investment, nor do they need regular maintenance.

Organisations are increasingly choosing cloud-based services over traditional hardware solutions. If you are looking for a new system, then we have no doubt that our solution can offer you everything you need with regards to your communications integration. This is indeed the modern way to work smart and improve efficiency and productivity.

Our hosted voice solution offers a wide variety of features including queuing and call control, voice recording, instant messaging, email software, conferencing and file sharing. It works on a variety of devices to enable you to communicate with people wherever they are, whichever the device. The system can integrate with your existing applications and is scalable. With Callstream’s hosted voice solution you can achieve up-to-the-minute features and functionality with very little upfront capital investment needed – providing better service to your customers, and better efficiency to your business.

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