Case Study: Fresh! Insurance


Callstream Midas enables outbound success for Fresh! Insurance

Fresh! Insurance Services Group is one of the largest privately-owned insurance brokers in the UK. Located in Redditch and Bracknell, Fresh! serves over 45,000 customers across the UK.

The company differentiates itself by offering a wide range of specialist motor and home insurance policies. It also provides insurance cover through a number of its own niche brands, such as specialist in telematics insurance, Autosaint, and Ladybird, that serves young drivers and those with convictions or a previous claims history.

The Challenge

The increased use of online aggregators has undoubtedly intensified competition in the insurance market, and also provided brokers with a potentially rich new vein of sales leads. When Fresh! added aggregators as a sales channel, the call system it previously had in place to capture leads was quickly overloaded and therefore urgently needed upgrading in order to stay competitive and avoid wasting opportunities.

Fresh! needed to be able to prioritise all outbound follow-up calls, assess the strength of each lead, and schedule renewal calls. These calls also needed to be assigned to the correct department where they would be handled by the most suitable agent. The main goal was to make the most of the aggregator opportunity, ultimately increasing sales.

Key Aims:

    • Priority leads: Recognise and identify priority leads and follow up with these in the “Golden Minutes” – the period immediately after a customer is engaged in the purchase/enquiry process. Leads should be matched with the agent that has the most appropriate experience to turn the enquiry in to a sale
    • Customer renewals: Increase the speed in which customers reaching the end of their policy are contacted and drive the volume of customer renewals
    • Outbound calls: Increase the number of outbound calls made per day
    • Customer experience: Maintain a high level of customer experience
    • Employee engagement: Ensure a enthusiastic, motivated and successful workforce


The Solution

Midas text underneathCallstream deployed Midas, its fully hosted and integrated progressive dialler solution. Midas collects live call management information which allows Fresh! to identify each call, assess how best to deal with it and then prioritise and route it most effectively. It also monitors the progress of each call and, if needed, changes the schedules and re-prioritises calls within seconds. Another benefit of the system is that agents are connected before the system dials an outbound number, so there is zero risk of brand-damaging and wasteful silent calls.

The Results 

Callstream Midas enables the Fresh! Outbound Team to focus on calls and sales instead of maintaining laborious spreadsheets and other admin. The team can be more aware of fluctuations in lead volume and manage their processes in near real-time, all resulting in enormous productivity benefits. This increased productivity and measurable impact on the organisation as a whole naturally gave the Outbound Team a stronger, higher profile throughout the business.

For those in management supervising the Outbound Team, Midas provides greater visibility of overall and individual performances. This gives team supervisors a far more granular appreciation of workloads and efficiency with decisions over resource requirements being made far faster.

Andrew Tatton, IT Director, Fresh! Insurance:

“We can respond and react very, very fast; we have no silent or abandoned calls; and we work around our customers’ preferences. We receive hot leads and prospective new customers can be contacted within three minutes – our highly trained agents have all the information they need to provide the best offer and win the business.”

“Callstream is a trusted partner. They understand our business and the insurance sector very well. With no capital costs required, the Callstream platform has proved to be very affordable and extremely good value. One of the reasons it works so well for us is because we were able to tailor the solution to meet our exact business needs. It was a genuine collaboration which allowed us to achieve all the requirements.”

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