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Callstream Midas: Hosted Outbound Dialler

What if your sales team could get the hottest leads, first and fast?

Midas is our hosted outbound dialler. It will select the best leads and get them to your sales team faster, so they can do what they do best – winning you business.

Callstream Midas is a hosted outbound dialler that helps you prioritise new business opportunities and support your existing customers in the most effective way. It can be configured to integrate into your current systems in order to automate processes  – so your outbound resource is used in the most efficient way. The outbound dialler sets up the call automatically, freeing up sales team time to speak to customers and new leads.

  • Increase the productivity of your outbound calls
  • Prioritise new business opportunities and support your existing customers
  • No silent calls and no frustrated customers
  • No hardware or substantial capex costs

93% of companies we surveyed did not call us back within 5 mins of a web enquiry.

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More details

Powerful management and reporting capabilities enable you to rank and prioritise those leads that are most likely to convert, for example by campaign, geography, or margin.

Callstream Midas bridges the gap between the online and offline world, so live lead data from a hot web prospect can be fast tracked to your sales team, keeping them one step ahead of the competition.


My leads come from a variety of different sources e.g. aggregators, purchased data, marketing campaigns and live web activity. How will the dialler know who to call?

Callstream work with you to tailor the dialler to prioritise which leads are most important to you. Each lead source is given a ranking, so the dialler knows who to call and in what order. Continually work through existing data (e.g. renewals), whilst warm leads (e.g. a potential customer active on your website) get pumped straight to the top of the list to call immediately and in real time!

We used a dialler before but it did not work for us as our customer’s kept getting silent calls.

Midas always connects the agent first and then immediately rings the customer. This makes silent calls impossible, resulting in no frustrated customers.

All our leads come into our CRM system, would we have to change this?

As Midas is hosted in our network, it can integrate with the CRM and phone systems you are currently using. Therefore there is no need for huge capex costs or infrastructure changes.

What is visible to my agent using Midas?

After your agent has logged into the dialler, they have a clear and simple interface that gives them all the lead information they require for an effective call (e.g. number, location, source etc.). They can then input their own feedback so management can capture the nature and outcome of the call.

So how will management know the activity of the dialler?

You can select who has administrative access to Midas. Administrators then can configure and manage campaigns, view live wallboard statistics and view live reports however frequently they are needed for your business.

“Using Midas, hot leads and prospective new customers can be contacted within three minutes – our highly trained agents have all the information they need to provide the best offer and win the business.”

IT Director, Fresh! Insurance