The Magic Minute

In a world where people buy everything from car insurance to holidays through comparison sites, do customers still want to speak to firms directly? For many of our clients the answer remains an emphatic yes.

We’re actually seeing comparison engines driving increasing volumes of business and customer engagement for our clients.

We’ve coined the phrase “the magic minute” to describe that period of time after a customer has completed a comparison site search when they’re most receptive to a company contacting them and most likely to buy.

We still see companies where ‘hot’ leads from comparison sites take so long to reach the sales team that they’ve gone cold by the time they do. Or they land on the desk of an agent who’s on a break or away at a training session.

When one of our insurance clients automated the process from web enquiry to crucial outbound phone call, they cut the time to reach a hot prospect from next day to less than 4 minutes, resulting in sales of several hundred extra policies each month.

Like to know more about how Callstream can help you make the most of the “magic minute”?

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