SMS Marketing – An Introduction into SMS Broadcasting

In the past, businesses would have to send out communications to their customer base using a much more time consuming, costly method such as posting letters and leaflets. In today’s era of technology, this has been revolutionised due to the widespread adoption of smartphones in recent years. This has closed the door on physical communications and opened a new, more efficient communication method, SMS marketing. What SMS marketing allows businesses to do is to reach their entire customer base in a timelier and more simple manner.

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Callstream SMS Marketing

Callstream’s SMS Gateway has made this easier for businesses and automates the process for you. With this technology, your business will be able to schedule customised messages to a certain customer or group of customers. For example, SMS marketing gives you the ability to issue reminders for scheduled appointments  24 hours prior, or set renewal reminders ahead of time. This factor of automation can also cut out the chance of human error, which occurs in every form of business.

This method of marketing with your customer base has seen a rapid growth in recent years, with businesses set in Call Centre environments realising the benefits it brings with it. One of the main benefits of SMS Marketing over other forms of marketing is that it is very inexpensive compared to other types of marketing. Other benefits include instant delivery and since you can only have a limited number of characters the message will need to be concise and cannot contain any unnecessary information. SMS Broadcasting has also seen an improvement to customer experience levels which in turn improves a customer’s engagement and satisfaction with your business.

SMS Marketing Example

Just to give an example of how beneficial SMS marketing can be, let’s take insurance quotations as an example. Let us say we visit several websites and receive several quotes to which you receive an SMS with these included along with a reference number. When you pick the provider, you wish to go with, you can call the business, and quote the reference reference number from the SMS and any information that you would have provided in the web forms can be located instantly. Thus, saving you time as well as the business whom you are dealing with.

Callstream’s SMS Gateway will allow your business to realise the benefits of SMS marketing. It allows your business full control through its online portal or SMS Gateway which can be accessed online, anywhere in the world. With its simple API functionality, it can be integrated with your own or third-party CRM systems. As Callstream’s SMS Gateway is completely cloud-based, you will also receive benefits such as inclusive upgrades and improvements made to the software.

It’s clear to see that Callstream is revolutionising the way Call Centres; large or small; are communicating with their customers.

Why not take this opportunity to see how Callstream’s SMS Gateway can benefit your business by receiving a demo with a member of our team here.

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