Nuisance calls make damaging headlines

The BBC recently reported that a green energy firm has received a record fine for nuisance calls after making more than six million automated calls in a solar panel marketing campaign.

The company, Glasgow-based Home Energy & Lifestyle Management Ltd, has been fined £200,000 by the Information Commissioner.

“The bottom line is companies trying to sell a product have got to stick to the rules. Nuisance phone calls are a modern pest,” said the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham. “People expect the Information Commissioner and other agencies to close this down and we’re now closing down on these phone pests.”

This case highlights the issues surrounding outbound call campaigns and the risks involved if breaches are made. Outbound campaigns, if undertaken responsibly, can improve the performance of contact centres. Callstream works with businesses to implement call management technology that allows them to maximize the opportunities that outbound call activity offers, without risking fines and reputation-wrecking headlines like these.

Callstream Midas is our fully hosted and integrated progressive dialler solution. The system is configured to manage your outbound call strategy, prioritising leads and putting you in control of the calls being made to new prospects and existing customers. It ensures that there is zero risk of brand-damaging and wasteful silent calls by connecting contact centre agents before dialling an outbound number.



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