How Can Cloud Help Small to Medium Retailers become PCI DSS Compliant?

Data privacy and security are now more than ever, at the forefront of both e-commerce and retail
organisations. When it comes to accepting and storing credit card payments, merchants need to
ensure that they have the right technologies in place to not only mitigate against data breaches and
security threats, but to also ensure they are compliant in any regulations that they are faced with
within the retail sector.

A major legislation in place for such companies, regardless of their size, is PCI
DSS Compliancy. If you accept credit card payments, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security
Standards need to be fully integrated into your business.

Ignoring this standard can result in fines and worse; if you are choosing to take card payments
without any means of protecting or encrypting that information, you may be forced by law to stop
accepting such payments. This would not only result in a decrease of sales and thus revenue, but it
will also give your competition the upper hand.

While staying compliant is one thing, the next is to ensure the solutions you have in place help you
mitigate against a security breach. Data related attacks are on the rise, and unfortunately it is
suggested that nearly 80% of payment information-related breaches or hacks occur at small-to-mid-
sized merchants.

How can Callstream Help?

We have the industry expertise to help you ensure your phone systems and credit card payments
are managed in a secure, fully compliant manor. Callstream Vault allows your customers to provide
their credit card details without any information being shared or stored by the agent or call
recording software. The platform delivers the highest level of security, with no hardware costs and
all the flexibility, scalability and resilience of the cloud.

We have worked with a number of companies, regardless of the size, in the retail sector. Our
solution provides scalable, enterprise grade quality for companies of all sizes. Not only can we help
with your PCI compliancy, our cloud-based call management solutions are helping retailers to
increase capacity and enhance functionality without having to commit to expensive infrastructure
costs. It provides real-time visibility and control of contact centre operations to ensure the necessary
performance is achieved and maintained.

PCI DSS standards are there to ensure privacy and data protection, as well as to help prevent credit
card fraud and avoid costly data breaches. Becoming PCI Compliant means fortifying your business
and highlighting your status as a trustworthy retailer.

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