Enterprise Grade Hosted Voice Telephony Solutions for Mid-Sized Companies

Does your business require a telephony solution without the high outlay costs or expensive hardware investment? Do you want to ensure that you don’t compromise on quality or the reputation of your business?

Well, Callstream is on hand to help. Our Enterprise Grade Call Management Solution supports a wide range of businesses ranging from small companies to large complex call centres with global operations. We can provide you with the latest technology in hosted voice systems with a potential saving of up to 40% on your current solution.

There is a misconception among mid-sized companies that upgrading to a hosted voice solution is extremely expensive. Many fear that with a title “Enterprise Grade” it comes at a high price tag and perhaps many of the features offered are not needed for their type of business. There are many reasons however to consider a hosted voice solution with Callstream, which is accessible to companies of all sizes. We offer enterprise grade standards with scalability features to suit your business.

How Can It Help My Mid-Sized Business?

It is ideal for companies that have multiple sites or remote workers/field staff because it can be accessed anywhere in the world. It increases your customer’s experience and communication with your staff and suppliers.

It can be a dedicated solution that takes you away from a small unscalable system, to a Enterprise grade solution that is cost effective and scalable down to  a mid size environment and budget. Basically you don’t need to be the big entity, with a big pot of funds to get a good hosted solution, we can give you that for your mid-sized business.


Callstream’s Enterprise Grade Solution gives you a competitive edge delivering unrivalled security and reliability. Why not have a look at how telephony has helped our customers by reading some of our case studies: https://callstream.com/category/case-study/

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