Don’t leave your customers left out in the cold this winter

With the winter season now upon us, it is time for businesses to consider what they have in place for business continuity when the potential snow arrives. Each year it surprises us how few companies actually prepare and have built in plans for such occasions when due to extreme weather they have to start sending staff home.

Callstream works with its clients to make sure they have prepared for all eventualities in the event of them needing to invoke a business continuity plan; ensuring customers are not being left out in the cold, and that they can still be contacted whatever the situation.

Many clients have bespoke solutions with Callstream for dealing with business continuity and one client has previously used our technology to be able to close a 300 seat call centre during extreme weather conditions. The client had the ability to send their staff home to work remotely at the flick of a switch, whilst still being able to manage and have full visibility through our online portals.

As the solutions we offer are fully cloud-based, you can always be ready for any situation without the need to rely on the physical phone system or connectivity into the operation to stay connected. Callstream are always happy to discuss any business continuity needs, so if you want to stay connected this winter please contact us.

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