Be Ready for Any Storm – The Flexibility to Move Fast

Every business has peaks and troughs, and now cloud services make it far easier to enhance functionality and increase capacity as your requirements ebb and flow, without the need for expensive hardware.

If your inbound call volumes vary, then it might be worth stress testing your infrastructure for the following scenario experienced by one of our clients….

Recent market developments outside one customer’s control saw their inbound enquiry calls increase by 700% in less than a day to over 150,000 minutes per day.  The volume of calls remained at this exceptionally high level for the next ten days before returning to more usual levels.  Like a passing storm it pays to be ready.

Whilst we weren’t able to draft in more “bums on seats” for them, our cloud-based call management services helped them ensure the huge influx of additional calls were professionally answered, managed and queued with appropriate messaging.

On premise equipment and lines simply wouldn’t have coped with the storm of calls.  How many businesses will invest to provide seven times more capacity than their usual level of business for events that only occur every few years?

With cloud-based call management services, you can be ready and waiting for the next storm, without having to persuade the Finance Director to sign off an investment in equipment for that occasional storm.

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