What does the BT Switch Off mean for businesses?

In 2025, BT will be switching off its traditional voice PSTN and ISDN telephony services.

Due to these services being outdated, and not to mention the hefty running and maintenance costs, this decision was made by BT in 2018, meaning the future of BT’s voice infrastructure will be via the internet, using SIP and VoIP channels

So, what are SIP and VoIP?

In layman’s terms, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) use an internet connection for voice, allowing users to make and receive phone calls using computer or mobile devices (in addition to VoIP enabled telephones)

VoIP is just as it says (Voice over Internet Protocol) – voice calls over the internet

SIP on the other hand, is not just limited to voice calls, and can be used for video conferencing, instant messaging, and other unified communications applications

Businesses need to establish which of these provides the greatest benefit for their communications requirements


The Positives

As IP (often referred to as cloud-based) telephony is at the forefront of telecoms, it is important to see the many benefits gained with such solutions

  • Low Capex and reduced calls costs
  • Business continuity
  • Access anywhere for remote and home working
  • CRM integration
  • Scalability

Now is the time to act…..

Businesses need to prepare and keep ahead of the game to avoid potentially being without a telephone system. Despite 2025 seeming a long way off, now is an ideal time to check your current telephony contracts as it might just be opportune to make the switch now, and ultimately save your business time and money