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Deliver paid search campaigns that drive sales calls

Marketing spend on paid search campaigns continues to increase and online analytics provide a level of insight that is fundamental to today’s marketing decision makers. We understand that to manage successful paid search campaigns you need to track the whole customer journey. So what happens when the digital marketing trail goes cold?

As our clients in the insurance and travel sectors know, it remains important for their paid search campaigns to drive sales enquiry calls. This direct contact is a key step of their potential customer’s journey, resulting in sales and opportunities to deliver great customer service.

Website visitors that call your business could be the most profitable and important to track. If only those making the ‘perfect’ digital journey are tracked, key customer insights are lost.

Accurately tracking inbound phone calls helps marketing professionals to close a growing gap in their lead generation and detection activity and provide them with a complete customer picture.

For businesses where at least half of the response to online activity is inbound calls, paid search performance would be expected to improve by 15%.


This means businesses could, with the right technology, track the paths of those customers who are currently slipping by unnoticed. This represents a huge opportunity for marketers to refine and target their efforts.


How can Callstream help?

Our WebTrace solution extends online visitor analytics to offline call tracking. This provides the complete picture of every customer journey. It traces the search terms used to find you for each visit, their website activity and their call to your business.

With this insight you can confidently allocate value and return to your paid search campaigns. Attribute sales enquiries to the level of each keyword or PPC ad and refine future spend to optimise sales returns.

  • Bridge the gap from clicks to calls
  • Analyse paid search campaigns
  • Refine future spend to optimise ROI
  • Integrate with sales and CRM systems
How does WebTrace work?

Our web to call tracking technology allows you to provide each online visitor with a unique phone number which identifies their specific journeys to your site and within it. When the inbound call is placed, this links their online activity to their offline call and the resulting lead or sale.

Tracks the complete customer journey

Bridges the gap between paid search and sales calls

Puts you in control to optimise future campaigns

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