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The Callstream Difference

It’s not just our technology that’s special. Callstream’s team combines a deep technical expertise with industry specific business knowledge and acumen.

The Callstream ProcessWe work closely with you and your organisation’s senior management to really understand not only the needs but also the goals of your business. This then allows us to tailor our solutions to your requirements, optimising your operations, performance and ultimately profitability.

Over many years we have developed a structured approach that allows us to continually produce excellent results. And we don’t just apply this approach with new customers, our current and long standing clients cycle through this model year after year. This ensures we maintain an up-to-date understanding of our client’s business and its direction, introduce new and relevant technology ideas and allowing us to further enhance our solutions to add value to their ever changing strategic requirements.

By adopting and continually following this approach we sit alongside our clients who in turn, view us not just as a technology supplier but as a valued Business Partner.

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Phase One – Analyse

Our structured approach begins by gaining a thorough and up to date understanding of your business. We don’t limit this to just the details of your contact centre. To add value and provide you with a competitive advantage, we really need a broader understanding of your business’s goals and aims, which we seek to gain from at least one primary business stakeholder.

This time invested with you, allows us to identify your organisation’s unique challenges and opportunities. If, after these initial consultations, there is mutual interest and common ground, we ask for a further commitment of time to work with you and your relevant departmental heads in a workshop style session. We work with those who can share in detail current working arrangements and requirements for the broader operational environment and challenges. This provides an opportunity for our team to give comfort to your organisation with regards to Callstream’s processes, capability and credentials.

Phase Two – Propose

The output from the workshop sessions conducted in the Analyse Phase, coupled with the high level understanding gained of your strategic business direction, allows us to specify our recommended solutions detailed in a functional, technical and commercial proposal.

The key objective of this phase is that all decision makers agree our proposal so that it can be formally authorised and for the recommended solutions to be built and planned for implementation.

Phase Three – Plan

In collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, full consideration is given to how the authorised solutions are deployed into your business and its processes. A jointly designed and detailed project plan including key decision points, recognised dependencies, identified contributors and “on boarding” timelines are agreed, scheduled and documented.

Phase Four – Deliver

Following a full and satisfactory off-line stress test programme of the designated solutions and completion of a pre-agreed training schedule for all key operational stakeholders, our solutions are made live at a pre-agreed time designed to create minimum interruption to your operation.

Phase Five – Maintain

Once a solution has been implemented, our 24/7 customer support team works with your dedicated Account Manager to pro-actively monitor your ongoing service. They provide performance tracking and reporting and will be there to alert you should any unusual activity pattern or call volumes be noticed.

We continue to cycle through this process. We maintain an up-to-date understanding of your business needs and will advise on new and relevant technology to enhance our solutions and add value to your evolving strategic requirements.