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Meeting ever increasing compliance demands

As a compliance professional we understand it is your job to ensure all activities of your business are carried out within the evolving regulatory framework. You need to ensure that your advice and actions take account of the business objectives and demonstrate business acumen, to provide solutions that are business friendly.

Today’s contact centres must deliver the very best customer service, but are expected to do so with increasing external scrutiny and regulations. Managing multiple compliance obligations can be challenging, with demands from PCI and FCA often seeming to conflict. 

FCA guidelines state that “sufficient” records of all transactions undertaken should be stored. 
Version 3 of the PCI-DSS regulations states that recording and storing credit card details is non-compliant


Vault_smallQ: How do you take credit card payments securely whilst recording customer phone calls?

A: Remove the risk of storing and securing personal credit card details from your contact centre environment


How can Callstream help?

We’re able to help you achieve the balance of meeting regulatory obligations and managing risk, whilst also gaining potential opportunities for your business.

Our Vault platform is one of the few cloud-based PCI Level 1 certified solutions. Callers are directed to enter credit card details via their telephone keypad and contact with the call centre agent is maintained throughout the call. All tones are muted, so card details are protected and forwarded directly and securely to the credit card payment gateway.

  • Remove your contact centre from PCI-DSS scope
  • Safeguard your company reputation
  • Process automated and live agent payments
  • Integrate with payment gateway and CRM systems
How does it work?

As data is passed securely to the payment gateway and not stored, Vault achieves PCI Level 1 compliance, whilst at the same time satisfying FCA recommendations of record keeping by continually recording dialogue between caller and contact centre agent.

So you get the highest level of security, with no equipment costs and all the flexibility, scalability and resilience of the cloud.


  • Achieve PCI Level 1 Compliance
  • Satisfy FCA recommendations
  • Deliver excellent customer service
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