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Callstream Webtrace: Web Search to Call Tracking

Track and measure the effectiveness of every marketing campaign

WebTrace is a complete analytics tracking solution with integrated call tracking capabilities. So no longer will you have to guess how your caller has found you. Attributing calls to the correct keywords means you can bid more aggressively on the search terms that work and reduce bids on the ones that don’t to improve your campaign performance. 

Flexible management and reporting

Our web-based portal shows you at a glance how your different channels are performing and how they compare, historically and in real time.

And if your sales calls aren’t converting, our call recording service can help you discover why.

  • Increase your marketing ROI
  • Maximise sales opportunities
  • Bridge the gap between online search and telephone enquiries

97% of companies we surveyed are not able to track web-to-call enquiries 
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More details

Callstream WebTrace tracks every visitor to your website and assigns each with a unique telephone tracking number.

It tracks calls from your website to whatever marketing activity brought them there; whether it was from another website, Google or your paid search campaign. When they call WebTrace will know exactly which tracked visitor is calling and traces the path they followed through your website, before and even after they called you.

WebTrace doesn’t just track keywords from paid search and SEO. In fact, we can track every marketing channel including direct, referrers, email, display and social; you can even add your own custom channels. You can also track offline calls whether on signage, outdoor media or packaging. If you can put a number on it, WebTrace can track it.




How many keywords should I start tracking?

All of them! Unlike traditional call tracking services, WebTrace allows you to track all the keywords in your search marketing campaign, not just a select few. Whether it’s PPC or SEO, Google or Bing we can deliver total reporting granularity down to keyword level.

Is Webtrace easy to setup?

Yes. Setup is simple and the system will automatically configure itself.

Can I compare my calls with online sales?

Yes. Uniquely in the market space we don’t just focus on call tracking or site tracking; we have brought everything together so you can make meaningful comparisons between online and offline interactions

Does it matter which phone system I have?

No. Webtrace Call Tracking will work with any phone system. We simply configure the tracking numbers to point to your existing phone number.

Can you integrate WebTrace into other bid management systems?

Yes. We integrate into Google Analytics and AdWords out of the box, but we can also integrate into most online bid management systems.

Can I measure call quality?

Yes. We have three different ways of measuring call quality, from a simple call length qualification to custom scripts that can be created to capture specific data from your operator through the phone or our portal geographic numbers.

What type of telephone numbers does Webtrace call tracking offer?

We can offer you every type of number available in the UK, including free phone, local rate and geographic numbers into most online bid management systems.

Can I integrate WebTrace into my CRM?

Yes. Using our API you can stream the raw call data into your system to enrich your CRM data. We can even announce the Caller ID to the operator if your phone system doesn’t integrate to your CRM.

“WebTrace gives us much greater insight to the results of our paid search campaigns.”

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