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Callstream Nucleus: Hosted Call Management System

Can your call management flex to your business needs?

If managing and answering customer calls is fundamental to your business, your contact centre is where you can build or break your reputation.

We understand you want to give your customers a great experience when they call, no engaged tones and no long waits. We know that every lost or abandoned call hits your bottom line. But we also know that you need to manage your costs.

callstream_call_managmentThe Nucleus call management platform is accessed via our web-based portal, putting you in control.  Swiftly design how your calls are routed, whether to your in-house teams or outsourced call centres, to manage the peaks and troughs and make the most effective use of your costliest resource – your people.

Nucleus combines the smartest telecoms technology with Callstream’s expertise, to deliver a best of breed call handling solution.

  • Dynamically manage all calls
  • Flex capacity for busy trading times and future growth
  • Improve performance management
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Our Nucleus portal gives a single view to monitor what’s happening in multiple contact centres in real-time. It allows you to make instant changes to how your calls are handled.

More details

Nucleus is a state of the art, feature-rich call management system, hosted in tier 1 carrier data centres. None of our call management technology is hosted on your premises, so we can work with whatever equipment you already have installed. Inbound and outbound calls can be recorded on a single platform across your whole estate.

Nucleus easily integrates with your CRM and reporting systems and we’ll ensure you have an appropriate business continuity plan in place, so you are well prepared for all eventualities and can be confident that any disruption to your business is minimized.


“As our call management provider for over 5 years, Callstream’s approach and the application of their technology has had an extremely positive impact on our business.”

Group Product Manager, The A & A Group