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Callstream TRAC: Get real-time visibility of contact centre performance

The largest cost in your contact centre is your staff.

Are you able to accurately track, record and analyse performance to get the most out of them?

TRAC is hosted in the telecoms network and processes all your inbound calls to provide real-time visibility and control of your contact centre operations. It allows you to manage your resources in the most effective way, to support your business and your customers.

A high performance, feature-rich hosted contact centre solution, it provides enterprise-level management and reporting. So you get outstanding performance, with no equipment costs and all the flexibility, scalability and resilience of the cloud.

  • Real-time visibility and control
  • Single application for multiple sites
  • Agent level performance reporting
  • Improve customer experience

Callstream TRAC is highly configurable with enterprise-level management and reporting features.

More details

TRAC is set-up to determine which agent is best placed to answer a call. Call routing, priorities, call centre and agent skills sets can all be quickly and simply configured through our online portal. Performance is monitored through the bespoke reporting suite and wall boards can be set up for your own requirements.

Reporting and auditing

TRAC offers a complete range of historical and near real-time reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled. Information can be presented graphically for quick and easy viewing, or in detail with full drill down on figures to agent level. Businesses can monitor call volumes, queue stats, call abandonment and first-time resolution rates, as well as agent and agent group performance. A full audit trail is provided across agents, queues and routing.


Is TRAC designed for a certain size of call centre?

TRAC is ideal for call centres of all sizes as well as businesses in rapid growth or with changing infrastructures.

What types of numbers can I use?

We support and can provide a full range of numbers to use with the TRAC system. For example: 01XXX; 02XXX; 03XXX; 0800; 0844

How quickly can I get up and running?

We can get you up and running very quickly with simple deployments being achieved in just two weeks. More complex set up and bespoke integrations add to the implementation duration.

What if the service goes down?

Replicated across multiple sites in the telecoms network infrastructure ensures maximum availability. TRAC can be configured to ensure that calls can still be handled even if your local sites suffer loss of service.

Can I keep my current advertised phone numbers?

Yes, in most cases we can migrate your current numbers into the TRAC system without any service interruption.

Do I need to change any of my on site equipment?

No, our solution can work with the existing telecoms equipment you have. You get the benefits of our solution without the requirement for any CAPEX investment.

How much does it cost?

We charge per agent per month with discounts provided for higher volumes and term commitments.

“As DNA Insurance has grown, so has the size of its contact centre. With people costs being one of its biggest investments, the ability to manage its contact centre down to the agent level was crucial.”

Operations Director, DNA Insurance