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Call management to increase profitability

Can you track, route, follow up and control every aspect of every call?

If you are involved in call management you’ll understand that contact centres have become the focusĀ of many businesses that rely on inbound and outbound customer calls. No longer an off-shoot of the ‘main’ business, contact centres are regarded as profit centres offering key customer insights.

It’s important that information from your call management platform is readily and securely integrated into your other systems. Whether it’s to plan resources, process sales transactions or to update CRM databases.

trac2Every business has peaks and troughs, and now cloud services make it far easier to enhance functionality and increase capacity as your requirements ebb and flow, without the need for expensive hardware.

How can Callstream help?

We understand you need to combine contact centre resources and technology to deliver competition beating processes and winning customer service. Being able to enhance decision making with real-time visibility of your contact centre performance means that you can drive sales and increase profitability. Working closely with those responsible for contact centre operations and I.T we are able to tailor our solutions to your business.

  • Track and compare staff performance per call, per hour, per day
  • Optimise resources, across single and multi-site centres
  • Prioritise and control the calls your business is receiving
  • Securely process customer payment data
  • Ensure business continuity for contact centre sites
How does it work?

Callstream TRAC helps you make the most of your team. The ability to assign agents to different call groups based on their expertise and knowledge ensures that your customers are served by the agents with the right skills to help them. And detailed agent-level reporting gives you the tools you need to track and measure performance across the team.

Feature-rich hosted contact centre solution

Outstanding performance, with no equipment costs

Real-time visibility, control & reporting

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